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Welcome to Divine Crowns! My name is Whitney and I am the face behind the brand. I am delighted you dropped by! Divine Crowns was born from my passion for Ankara fabric, head wraps, and all-things adornment. When I was a little girl, I watched my mom and other beautiful people from around the world adorn themselves and their crowns with the most beautiful fabrics. I wanted to look and feel just as regal and poised as they did. From there, my love for head wraps grew. I began wrapping my crown over 15 years ago. When I wrap my crown, I feel so regal, beautiful, light and grounded. I dedicate Divine Crowns to the amazing woman who inspires me each and every day, my loving mom, Tami. In your loving memory. 


Our head wrap collection is personally curated and prepared by me - always with love and Divine intention.  Your support is greatly appreciated. It is my hope that your Divine Crowns purchase supports you in honoring your Divine.
Peace and Blessings to You.