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1. What is Ankara fabric?

Ankara fabric is a beautiful, vibrant fabric that is typically 100% cotton. Ankara fabric has Dutch and Indonesian origins but has been globally popularized by the African continent. Thus, Ankara is sometimes referred to as African print or wax cloth. In addition to the rich colors and patterns, Ankara is uniquely produced using a batik technique. This technique prints the design or pattern onto the cloth with wax prior to the dyeing process. This helps the Ankara fabric remain durable and more fade resistant. Ankara fabric can be used to make head wraps, clothing, shoes, hats, upholstery, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Note: Ankara fabric is often stiffer than other cotton fabrics (comparable to starched fabric). It will soften with wear. Alternatively, you may use fabric softener, at your own risk, to decrease stiffness. 

2. Is there a head wrap tutorial?

Yes, check out our Instagram @divinecrowns.co for a quick tutorial.

3. How do you clean and care for the head wraps?

Cold, gentle wash with like colors. Avoid bleach. Hang dry for best results. May iron on low to medium heat. 

4. How long will it take to receive my order?

Please see Shipping/Returns in the Quick Links section (bottom of page). 

5. Where is Divine Crowns based?

Divine Crowns is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 

6. The head wrap I want is sold out. When will it be restocked?

Oh no! Contact sales@divinecrowns.co to request any sold out items.